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!!!!!!!! HIGH FROM AMSTERDAM !!!!! Love SZS the only answer

Buy our productSZS to create awareneSZS

High there from Amsterdam. We wish you well. We want to spread the awareneSZS and with that the actionSZS that


We will create lotSZS and lotSZS of productSZS to do so.

All the money that we gather from our productSZs will be invested in making our dreamSZS reality. Hopefully yourSZS as well. Feel free to mail us to become better.

From the productSZs you buy we will create spaceSZS in Amsterdam to come together and then to enjoy the fact that we are all beingSZS capable of love. And knowing that we all have that capacity , we can move further on and on and on. Straight into infinity….oh yeah!

Amsterdam Imaginary FriendSZS will do everything to make sure that the love inside of everybody; evolves, grows and spreads to where ever it is no longer needed. Love has to become a commodity. The day that love and everything that belongSZs with that is acommodity is living inside of uSZS. It keepSZS uSZS high at all times. Mind over matter. Until matter has evolved according to the wish of the hearth combined with a solid state of mind. Our wish is that there is no true need for love. Everybody will be emerged in love totally every day in multiple waySZS. For ever more!

It already startSZs with the idea that someone else beliefs we are all friendSZS. Love is a wonderfull thing. It is free, so let’s start spreading that love love love idea. Love is the place where we start from. Love is creation. Creation is Love. Let us become our own creatorSZS. WE create our now’with filters we are living our future. Let our loving future grow by connecting love in all sortSZS of waySZS. Let’s create love together for all beings on this planet. Connect by buying our productSZS so you can recognize eachother. We love Amsterdam. So this is a High from Amsterdam. We hope to hear from you soon. Buy our productSZS. Come closer and materialize eachotherSZS dreamSZS. Sharing is caring. Thank you. Hope to meet you soon in one of our spaceSZS. We will make sure you feel HOME.

Imaginary FriendSZS Amsterdam

Creative director Nataschja SkeyeSZS

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