Lunchroomszs AMSTERDAM by Imaginary Friendszs

High there you world traveler,

Eye want to build lovely childfriendly lunchroomszs in amsterdam.

Hopefully they will be wonderous with your help.

They will also include  a studio to record your musical amsterdam vibes

and a stage where you can perform and be recorded.

Please feel free to add all childfriendly world improving ideas you got .

Lets make these lunchroomszs the best most loveliest ever.

Ofcourse and ONcourse, we will get back to you when we use a suggestion.

But for now a simple thanks!


LLLove and LLLaughter are serious thingszs ,

that we should share

and that are welcoming

everybody to join :):):)

Liefszs Nataschja



Kingsday amsterdam …high on dreamszs!!! by Imaginary Friendszs


Thanks for visiting Imaginary Friendszs

and as it is day one

Thanks for being one of the first that is investing in my dreamszs!




High there you worldtraveler,

I am very nervous…… and so I transform it into happy excitement. The first step is always the biggest. Oemgh.

So….breathe focus…Feel love and …Lets see, who we meet . I so LOVE LOVE LOVE people. I so LOVE LOVE LOVE AMSTERDAM. I am gonna fill myself up with lovely people energy, in AMSTERDAM. Tonight I will do this with people from all over the world. Lets have fun !

I want to make sure that children ,from all over the world, start believing that to reach any goal we just need to love and support eachother. I want them to know definitely sure, that it is not education not race or being wealthy financially that makes our dreamszs come true. It is the way we lllove ourselves and with that eachother.

It is the love of the people you meet that can bring you there and everywhere. And ON course, hearth work and persistence. We are alll love . Lets enjoy . And see if together we can build anything and everything from scratch!!!

Liefszs  Nataschja