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In this world we always have to be something. The weird thing is that because we have to be, that actually ensures that we are not. So most of the time what we truely are… we cannot be. Often we have to devine ourselves and explain ourselves . Did you go on a discovery tour to be able to know yourself and so to be able to truely explain yourself and where you would love to go. More important is that you get to know how to get there.

We have to explain ourselves within other peoples associations. I belief personally that it is impossible to explain yourself. We are always explaining parts, never the whole as this is practically impossible. As we are continously growing evolving and also experiencing new things. I did find it can be usefull to install some Imaginary FriendSZS that work with you to express your being as a whole. To be that genius in a yet undiscovered field can be very lonely. Without any doubt you are that genius. So lets get you started.

Personalized friendSZS can be very helpful and entertaining. Not everybody will understand the whole of that special you. In this very moment of misunderstanding or not being comprehended by one and another, we can find ourselves lost. Sometimes lonely and depressed. That is not a motivating feeling to discover, motivate, explore, grow and educate self.

Most people tend to simplify their lives by doing common things to feel part of the group, a group or several groups. Which ofcourse is excellent. Being a part of a group or several groups will make you stronger. Group participation will give you wider perspectives of almost everything. So we will build a community here as well. They will become your virtual Imaginary FriendSZS. Some will maybe even materialize to become a whole and present in your physical life.

We know that every human being is at least a genius in 7 different ways. That genius is often very alone and gets neglected. Bored a lot of the time as well. So we have to get him or her motivated and coached on that lonely road to express the inner purrrfectionSZS that are yet inactivated. We want to get YOU! activated.

That road you are on should be fun and laughter. As laughter is a serious thing and in so many ways so important. We will start by making you laugh and relax. Our Imaginary Friend Mistirrrrr Giggglushious will help you laugh lots. Laughter relaxes naturally. We love to do things naturally. We love to take you seriously while having a blast.

With all the other Imaginary FriendSZS we will provide for you and your children simple ,easy to use tools. These simple easy to use tools will make sure you can grow yourself in ways you could not imagine. We help you imagine friendSZS, so you can be the unimaginary. Also, when your ready… so you can do the unimaginary.

We make sure YOU ARE!!! So when someone asks how are you ? You can simply answer with a smile:” I AM….” and then give a bigger smile from the deepest of all you are. As you are so many and so much. Let the focus be on your whole. Lets share you as a whole. YOU ARE!!!

No words. Just you…A simple: “I AM ……(: smile :)….. will change every whole and every world for the better. Let the other person be the key to something to discover. Not to recover, reveil ….yourself. To be more then an ok, good or fine. To have fun being on your lonely path of selfdiscovery .

To be ok with all you are , different and all. To be outside of the box. Preparing yourself to find something to give the world. To give something, that only you can do.

Starting with the simple words I AM …when you meet the other I AM..and to smile together deep and intenSZS. To Grow,evolve…One special day,…. to box that very special unique thing coming from your all, and to ship that as a present to evolve humanity.

To present that genius that is somewhere inside of all of you.As there is only one you. Only one that presents your you and your I am. Probably you will not present your whole, when ready to present that discovered genie. You as a genius, to give part in improving somewhere every life in this universe and beyond. What else…

My imaginary FriendSZS will make sure YOU ARE ….(: smile 🙂


You can be all you are. As we will make sure YOU ARE…(: smile 🙂

So tell me how are you…!

YESSSS!!!! YOU ARE…(: smile 🙂

I AM…(; smile 🙂

Liefszs Nataschja SkeyeSZS

© 2020 Imaginary FriendSZS

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